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Microcontroller Modules, Boards, Tools and Accessories for Atmel AVR ATmega Xmega Processors

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The table below is a quick overview over our product range. One product from each category is shown as an example - actually there is much more beyond it. Just click on an image or use the left menu bar for navigation.

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The internet of things is yet to come and we have suitable modules with microcontroller, ethernet, TCPIP stack, webserver, email etc. or bare ethernet controller modules.

Bluetooth modules with serial AT-command set protocol, modules for the 868MHz ISM band, WiFi/WLAN modules and our popular iDwaRF modules for wireless sensor networks.

Base Boards with controller and peripherals, optionally extensible by display and case/enclosure.

Software programmable Control Modules (SPC) with ATmega or Xmega Processors.

Solderless bread boards with cable bridges and all-purpose jumper cables, strip boards and various SMT fanout boards, as well as ZIF/Flex connectors.

Programmers for the ISP and PDI interface (e.g. AVRISP2), JTAG Debugger (e.g. JTAGICE3), as well as Atmel evaluation boards.

Our popular chip45boot2 bootloader as free, precompiled hexfiles or as full source code, as well as CodeVisionAVR compiler licenses.



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