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Free Programmable AVR Radio Modules and Boards for Wireless Sensor Networks.

AVR Radio Modules for Wireless Sensor Networks

The iDwaRF radio modules utilize the worldwide unlicensed 2.4GHz ISM frequency band and uses a robust Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum (DSSS) transfer method with a data rate of 62.5kBit/s and a 50m range. The low standby power consumption of <10µA is ideally suited for battery powered wireless sensor networks.


To support the simple setup of wireless multipoint-to-point (N:1) networks the royalty-free iDwaRF-Net firmware is available for download. The protocol aims at a reliable bidirectional communication between one hub and many sensors or actuators in N:1 networks and goes far beyond simple point-to-point (1:1) wireless solutions. The full protocol (e.g. error detection and correction, automatic channel selection, etc.) is encapsulated under convenient C-functions and can easily be extended by user-specific functions. The iDwaRF-328 module and the iDwaRF-Box can be set up both as hub, as well as sensor or actuator module.


MADE IN GERMANY! All products in this category were designed by chip45 and are exclusively produced in Germany.


iDwaRF-1 Module - Click here to show whole category.

iDwaRF-328 V1.2

Programmable 2.4GHz Radio Module with AVR ATmega328P.

Price: 24.95 EUR(*)    (Available: ex stock)


Evaluation platform for wireless sensor network applications based on the iDwaRF-328 module.

Price: 14.95 EUR(*)    (Available: ex stock)


Wireless Sensor Network USB Host Interface Board.

Price: 14.95 EUR(*)    (Available: ex stock)


Programmable 2.4GHz Radio Base Station with AVR ATmega128.

Price: 49.95 EUR(*)    (Available: out of stock)

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