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AVR Consultant

chip45.com is official Atmel AVR Consultant since 2003!


Hinweise zur Batterie Entsorgung.

Application Platform with Atmel AVR ATmega128 Microcontroller and USB UART, RS232, RS485, SD-Card and Display.

ATmega based System

The basis for SavvyBOX applications is the Savvy128 controller board with ATmega128 microcontroller, realtime clock, MMC/SD-card interface, various interfaces (RS232/485, USB 2.0 full speed, I2C, SPI, infrared), optional display and button addon card and expansion headers. Additionally we provide a display and button module as user interface, a plastic case with ready machined front panels, as well as a prototyping board with breadboard area for own quick extensions.


MADE IN GERMANY! All products in this category were designed by chip45 and are exclusively produced in Germany.


ATmega based System

GoldCap 1F

GoldCap Buffering Capacitor 1F for RTC Buffering.

Price: 2.95 EUR(*)    (Available: out of stock)


5V LDO Voltage Regulator TPS7350 for Savvy128.

Price: 2.45 EUR(*)    (Available: out of stock)

Savvy128 V1.3

AVR ATmega128 System PCB Board with USB UART, RS232, RTC and SD-Card.

Price: 49.95 EUR(*)    (Available: out of stock)

SavvyDISP V1.5

Compact LCD display and button module for the Savvy128 board.

Price: 24.95 EUR(*)    (Available: out of stock)


Plastic enclosure for Savvy128, SavvyDISP and optional addon boards.

Price: 9.95 EUR(*)    (Available: out of stock)


Prototyping Development Breakout Board for Savvy128.

Price: 4.95 EUR(*)    (Available: out of stock)

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