Sammy-D21 Plus V1.0 ATSAMD21 RS232 RS485 Module

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Product no.: sammy-d21-plus-1.0
Manufacturer: chip45
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Products description

Sammy-D21 Plus V1.0 is a versatile and very compact/small (just 18x38mm size!) microcontroller board with the SAMD21G18A microcontrollerCP2102 USB UART converter, RS232 transceiver and RS485 transceiver. All relevant controller signals are available on pin headers. 16MHz XTAL and 32768Hz TOSC watch crystal are included.

A low-power, high-performance Atmel/Microchip ARM Cortex-M0+ based flash microcontroller, the Atmel/Microchip SAM D series is ideal for a wide range of home automation, consumer, metering, and industrial applications.

The microcontroller module is shipped without preassembled pin headers, since everybody has different preferences or requirements. A Connector Kit with a suitable set of pin headers and receptacles can be ordered optionally.

New: The Sammy-D21 Plus can be ordered with preloaded chip45bootSAM Bootloader. With the free chip45bootSAM Windows GUI the application (hex file) can be uploaded through USB. No additional programming tool is necessary.

You can find further information in the Infosheet.

Technical Details of the SAM D21 Board

  • ARM Cortex-M0+ based MCU running up to 48MHz
  • 256KB embedded Flash and 32KB SRAM
  • Low power consumption at <70μA/MHz
  • DMA and Event system
  • Six flexible serial communication modules (SERCOM)
  • Full-Speed USB Device and embedded Host
  • 12-bit ADC (14 channels) ; 10-bit DAC
  • Hardware touch support
  • 16MHz XTAL and 32768Hz TOSC watch crystal
  • 3.3V LDO voltage regulator
  • RS232 and RS485 transceivers
  • Dual CAN2.0/CAN-FD standard compatible CAN bus transceivers
  • 16MHz XTAL crystal and 32768Hz TOSC watch crystal
  • Connectors: 2x 32-pin with all processor signals and CAN bus, 1x 8-pin with USB and RS232 Signalen, 1x 6-pin ISP, mini USB-B (5-pin)
  • 2.54mm (1/10inch) pin spacing
  • Size: 17.78mm x 38.1mm


Manufacturer Information
chip45 - Dr. Erik Lins, Am Rommel 15, 35418 Buseck, Deutschland, Email:

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