Wireless Gateways, Sensors, Modules, Boards with Bluetooth, LoRa, LoRaWAN, LTE Cellular for the IoT - Internet of Things

Components for the Internet der Dinge - IoT

In the Internet of Things (IoT) machines or device communicate with each other: Smart objects and machines, which communicate through machine-to-machine communication (M2M). IoT sensors measure various data and transmit them wireless into the internet to some IoT server or IoT cloud platform.

up2net is the new chip45 family of IoT components. Simple to use gateways, modules and boards come with the particular wireless base technology on board and allow a very fast implementation of your application. The modules and board can be extended easily and matched to your application requirements.

MADE IN GERMANY! All products in this category were designed by chip45 and are exclusively produced in Germany.


up2net IoT Gateway BASE

up2net IoT Gateway with BLE 5, WiFi, Ethernet, Linux/OpenWRT.

Price: 116.00 EUR
(*)    (Available: Contact us for preorder)

up2net IoT Gateway PoE

up2net IoT Gateway with BLE 5, WiFi, Power-over-Ethernet / PoE, Linux/OpenWRT.

Price: 135.50 EUR
(*)    (Available: Contact us for preorder)

up2net IoT Gateway LTE

up2net IoT Gateway with BLE 5, WiFi, LTE, 4G, Ethernet, Linux/OpenWRT.

Price: 223.23 EUR
(*)    (Available: Contact us for preorder)

up2net BLE DwaRF V1.1

Bluetooth BLE V4.2 + NFC Eval Board with Laird BL652 Module.

Price: 24.32 EUR
(*)    (Available: on stock)

up2net LoRa DwaRF V1.1

LPWAN LoRa and Bluetooth BLE V4.0 Evalboard with Laird RM186/RM191 Module.

Price: 38.94 EUR
(*)    (Available: on stock)

up2net Sensor DwaRF V1.2

Sensor Board with Temperature, Light, Button for up2net BLE/LoRa DwaRF Modules.

Price: 16.52 EUR
(*)    (Available: on stock)

iDwaRF-328 V1.2

Programmable 2.4GHz Radio Module with AVR ATmega328P.

Price: 24.32 EUR
(*)    (Available: on stock)


Evaluation platform for wireless sensor network applications based on the iDwaRF-328 module.

Price: 14.57 EUR
(*)    (Available: on stock)


Wireless Sensor Network USB Host Interface Board.

Price: 14.57 EUR
(*)    (Available: on stock)


Programmable 2.4GHz Radio Base Station with AVR ATmega128.

Price: 48.69 EUR
(*)    (Available: out of stock)


IoT Wireless


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