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Atmel AVR ATmega644P microcontroller module with USB UART and RS485 transceiver.

Crumb644 V1.1 AVR ATmega Module

Crumb644 V1.1 - Atmel AVR ATmega644P microcontroller module with USB UART and RS485 transceiver.Crumb644 V1.1 - Atmel AVR ATmega644P microcontroller module with USB UART and RS485 transceiver.


Crumb644 V1.1 is a versatile and very compact/small (just 50x18mm size!) microcontroller module with the ATmega644P microcontroller, CP2102 USB UART converter and RS485 transceiver. All microcontroller signals are available on pin headers. A selectable XTAL crystal is included.

The module is shipped without preassembled pinn headers, since everybody has different preferences or requirements. A Connector Kit with a suitable set of pin headers and receptacles can be ordered optionally.

You can find further information in the Infosheet.

Technical Details

  • ATmega644P (64k Flash, 4k SRAM, 4k EEPROM)
  • Interfaces: 2xUSART, SPI, I2C/TWI, 32x IO Pins
  • Peripherals:2x 8 Bit / 1x 16 Bit Timer mit PWM/Capture/Compare, 8ch. 10 Bit ADC, Analog Comparator, Watchdog, Brownout, Sleep/Powerdown Mode
  • 6-Pin ISP interface with standard pinout
  • CP2102 USB UART converter at USART0
  • SN75ALS176 RS485 transceiver at USART1
  • selctable XTAL crystal frequency
  • Connectors: 2x 20-pin with all processor signals, 1x 5-pin with USB and RS485 signals, 1x 6-pin ISP, mini USB-B (5-pin)
  • 2.54mm (1/10inch) pin grid
  • Size: 50.8mm x 17.78mm


  • Infosheet
  • Schematic Diagram
  • ATmega644 Datasheet
  • Atmel Studio 7 (incl. Toolchain + Software Framework)
  • CodeVisionAVR C Compiler
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