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Embedded Internet Ethernet Module with AVR ATxmega128D3, CP2201 MAC/Phy, USB.

CrumbX1-NET V1.2 Ethernet Module

CrumbX1-NET V1.2 - Embedded Internet Ethernet Module with AVR ATxmega128D3, CP2201 MAC/Phy, USB.CrumbX1-NET V1.2 - Embedded Internet Ethernet Module with AVR ATxmega128D3, CP2201 MAC/Phy, USB.


The Internet of Things may come - CrumbX1-NET V1.2 is a highly integrated embedded internet ethernet module with the Atmel AVR ATxmega128D3 microcontroller, CP2201 ethernet controller, transformer, RJ45 modular jack, USB interface and a micro-SD card slot and provides a convenient and simple to use solution for Internet of Things applications.

Ethernet Interface

The CrumbX1-Net ethernet interface is based on Silcon Labs CP2201 10Mbit ethernet controller with integrated phy. Additionally the ethernet transformer is already integrated on Crumb644-Net, hence no high-cost RJ45 jack with integrated transformer is required! A simple RJ45 header is suitable for connecting the Crumb644-Net to the network.

USB Interface

In addition to the ethernet interface a USB UART converter is integrated on the board, which is a comfortable way for ethernet configuration or to show debug output during development.

Embedded TCP/IP Stack und Webserver

uIP is an implementation of the TCP/IP protocol stack, optimized for small 8 bit microcontrollers. uIP provides all necessary protocols for internet connectivity, with a very small code footprint and RAM requirements. uIP is open source software, developed in C and may be freely used in both non-commercial as well as commercial projects. uIP is covered by the BSD-Style License. Further information in uIP is available on the uIP/Contiki homepage.

A port of the uIP Embedded TCP/IP Stack and webserver for the CrumbX1-Net is available: NET-IO-Modul Firmware V2.11.11 (uIP Stack, Webserver, Email, etc..

For Windows and Atmel Studio 6 users we have extended the firmware by Stefan Frings by an Atmel Studio 6 project: NET-IO-Modul_v2.11.11_2013-05-21_Studio_6.zip.

Scope of Delivery

CrumbX1-NET is shipped without pin headers, since everybody likes different types (up, down, male, female, etc.). A Connector Kit with high quality pins and receptacles, link LED, RJ45 connector and mini USB connector can be ordered as an option.

You can find further information in the Infosheet.

Technical Details

  • ATxmega128D3 (128k Flash, 8k SRAM, 2k EEPROM)
  • 4-Pin PDI Interface (adapter to standard 6-pin interface is included in the Connector Kit)
  • CP2102 USB UART Wandler an USARTC0
  • CP2201 Ethernet Controller (MAC+PHY) with separate 20MHz crystal
  • XTAL crystal can be assembled on bottom side optionally
  • Connectors: 2x 16-pin with most processor signals, 1x 4-pin PDI, mini USB-B (5-pin), Power-Over-Ethernet Addon (coming soon)
  • micro-SD card slot
  • 2.54mm (1/10inch) pin grid
  • Size: 40.64mm x 30.48mm


  • Infosheet
  • Schematic Diagram
  • ATxmega128D3 Datasheet
  • AVR Xmega D Manual
  • NET-IO-Modul Firmware V2.11.11 (uIP Stack, Webserver, Email, etc.
  • Die NET-IO-Modul Firmware V2.11.11 von uns um ein aktuelles Atmel Studio 6 Projekt ergänzt!
  • Atmel Studio 7 (incl. Toolchain + Software Framework)
  • CodeVisionAVR C Compiler
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