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Programmable 2.4GHz Radio Module with AVR ATmega328P.

iDwaRF-328 V1.2 AVR Radio Module

iDwaRF-328 V1.2 - Programmable 2.4GHz Radio Module with AVR ATmega328P.


The programmable wireless radio module iDwaRF-328 combines a Cypress 2.4GHz DSSS radio transceiver with an Atmel AVR ATmega328P microcontroller. In combination with the free iDwaRF-Net firmware a powerfull and expandable platform for custom specific wireless application is available.

You can find further information in the Infosheet.


  • Cypress CYWUSB6935 DSSS radio transceiver (WirelessUSB-LR)
  • non-licensed ISM band (2.4GHz - 2.483GHz), can be used world wide
  • -95dBm receiver sensitivity, 0dBm output power
  • seperate transmit and receive antennas integrated in the PCB
  • range +50m
  • data rate up to 62.5kBit/s
  • bidirectional, Module can both send and receive
  • Atmel AVR ATmega328P microcontroller
  • free N:1 wireless network software as C-library for hub and sensors
  • 8 IO pins configurable out of UART, I2C, SPI, ADC, PWM, digital IOs
  • supply voltage range 2.7V - 3.6V
  • sleep current ~10µA
  • 1x 14pin header with IO signals (2.54mm / 0.1" pitch)
  • size 25x30mm


The freely available iDwaRF-Net firmware provides the complete functionality for a wireless, star-like N:1 sensor network. The wireless protocol is completely encapsulated, for data transmission and communication between host (e.g. PC) and iDwaRF hub a simple serial ASCII protocol is implemented. Additional user functions can be easily embedded into the sensor firmware and simple data structures are used for communication. Several example allications, e.g. covering the onboard components of the iDwaRF-NodeBoard or a wireless chat via terminal programms, can easily be adapted to own applications.

Information for Start-Up

For bringing the iDwaRF-328 modules into operation together with the iDwaRF-Net firmware, you have to first solder the 7.3728MHz crystal and then program the ATmega168 fusebits according to the values given in the infosheet. Without proper fusebit settings, USART communication with the host PC will not work!

You need an ISP adapter, which is capable of programming low-voltage targets, like the ATAVRISP2 or similar tools. Using non-low-voltage capable ISP adapters, like our STK200 compatible CrispAVR-200, is not recommended!


For easy operation of the iDwaRF modules, an iDwaRF-NodeBoard and an iDwaRF-HubBoard are available. The NodeBoard provides some onboard sensor components (LED, push button, temperature sensor, light sensor), whereas the HubBoard has a USB interface for PC connectivity.

For PC connectivity a USB A-miniB cable is required. For programming the iDwaRF-328 module an ISP adapter with low-voltage target support is required.


  • Infosheet
  • Atmel Studio 7 (incl. Toolchain + Software Framework)
  • CodeVisionAVR C Compiler
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